April Homebrew: Canadian Ale Update #1

On Tuesday, it was Day 5 of brewing Canadian Ale. The kräusen has not sunk yet, felt the beer will be ready to be transferred to the secondary fermenter within one or two days.

Thursday, I decided it was time to transfer the beer to their secondary fermenter to remove the kräusen and help clear up the beer.

The gravity reading at transferring time was 1.001 @ 16•C, hence the alcohol by volume may hit the 4.5% mark, good for a summer Canadian Ale!

So far the beer tasted like beer, with a slightly stronger bitterness and hoppy aroma.

Summary so far:

Yeast activity was noticeable within 12 hours of pitching so fermentation kicked off pretty well. O.G. was 1.034, well below the targeted 1.050 goal. Either there was too much water or the wort was chilled below 15•C thus altering the reading.

My estimated ABV is 4% to 4.5% and I am confident the beer will be great tasting beer!

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