Canadian Ale – Brew Date: April 7 @ 0900

Unfortunately, the Lobster Ale I was asked to brew in April is not something I was looking forward to for several reasons.  First, I am still rusty with all-grain recipes, for a 10 gallon batch,  secondly, I would have to buy 12 lobsters, and at 12.99/lb (at the time I checked), it would not make it economically reasonable to brew this recipe, and lastly, I am looking for refreshing beer that I know I will enjoy during the hot summer days.  Thus the candidate is the Canadian Ale recipe, from page 254 of “The Complete Homebrew Beer Book” by Geroge Hummel.  I am going to try for the Dry Cream Ale, substituting the rice syrup for dextrose and using lager yeast (if I think the temperature in the basement is cool enough).

I will post the recipe soon…


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My previous blog was messed up with hack files and I felt my blog did not have a specific-based theme.  Now that I have pretty much all the brewing equipment I always wanted, I hope to brew at least once each month.

Visit this blog for scheduled brewing and current brewing updates, hopefully some day I will learn how to post vlogs so I can visually teach you how to relax and homebrew.



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