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Rifleman’s Ration

Today I stopped at the LCBO store and saw Black Creek’s newest beer was available here! Not that I always wanted to try this one, but I saw it by chance and enjoyed meeting the Brewmaster when I visited Black … Continue reading

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Basic Homebrewing Book For Sale

This book is a good one, I bought two in case friends wanted one.  If you are interested in this book, let me know.  It is packed in a box right now, but I believe I purchased it for CAD$15.  … Continue reading

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Festa Brew Wheat Beer Kit

My brewery moved to a new location in May and we were so busy getting settled in.  So that is January, February and May without any home brew session.  Hopefully I get to brew double batches this month. I had … Continue reading

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Finally back up and running…

Hopefully for a long time without any malware or screw-ups!

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Damnit! Malware!

How the hell is malware inflicting my website!

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April Homebrew: Canadian Ale Update #1

On Tuesday, it was Day 5 of brewing Canadian Ale. The kräusen has not sunk yet, felt the beer will be ready to be transferred to the secondary fermenter within one or two days. Thursday, I decided it was time … Continue reading

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Home Brewing Club: Canadian – Ale April 6 @ Noon

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Small All-Grain Brewing:

Hello All, Some of you mentioned that you would like to try brewing your own all-grain home brew.  While I highly recommend starting with kits first to get the feeling of the “labour” and “waiting”, this blog has a post … Continue reading

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Canadian Ale – Brew Date: April 7 @ 0900

Unfortunately, the Lobster Ale I was asked to brew in April is not something I was looking forward to for several reasons.  First, I am still rusty with all-grain recipes, for a 10 gallon batch,  secondly, I would have to … Continue reading

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My previous blog was messed up with hack files and I felt my blog did not have a specific-based theme.  Now that I have pretty much all the brewing equipment I always wanted, I hope to brew at least once … Continue reading

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