Rifleman’s Ration

Today I stopped at the LCBO store and saw Black Creek’s newest beer was available here!

Not that I always wanted to try this one, but I saw it by chance and enjoyed meeting the Brewmaster when I visited Black Creek.

The beer was nice, had a slight hoppy aroma.  Clearly it was a brown ale style, similar to nut brown ale.   The hoppy aroma made me think it was bitter, it was on the sweetness side.  Clearly this beer is not my favourite, but it is a beer I enjoyed.  My rating of this beer:  6/10.

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Basic Homebrewing Book For Sale

This book is a good one, I bought two in case friends wanted one.  If you are interested in this book, let me know.  It is packed in a box right now, but I believe I purchased it for CAD$15.  Make your offer for this one if you are interested in it.

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Festa Brew Wheat Beer Kit

My brewery moved to a new location in May and we were so busy getting settled in.  So that is January, February and May without any home brew session.  Hopefully I get to brew double batches this month.

I had a Festa Brew wheat beer kit that I wanted to try and start in May, it is a very basic kit that I recommend for beginners to start with to get a feel of the attention and time required for the fermenting, transferring, priming and bottling process.

This weekend I will try to start this kit and hopefully a wine kit too.


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Finally back up and running…

Hopefully for a long time without any malware or screw-ups!

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Damnit! Malware!

How the hell is malware inflicting my website!

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April Homebrew: Canadian Ale Update #1

On Tuesday, it was Day 5 of brewing Canadian Ale. The kräusen has not sunk yet, felt the beer will be ready to be transferred to the secondary fermenter within one or two days.

Thursday, I decided it was time to transfer the beer to their secondary fermenter to remove the kräusen and help clear up the beer.

The gravity reading at transferring time was 1.001 @ 16•C, hence the alcohol by volume may hit the 4.5% mark, good for a summer Canadian Ale!

So far the beer tasted like beer, with a slightly stronger bitterness and hoppy aroma.

Summary so far:

Yeast activity was noticeable within 12 hours of pitching so fermentation kicked off pretty well. O.G. was 1.034, well below the targeted 1.050 goal. Either there was too much water or the wort was chilled below 15•C thus altering the reading.

My estimated ABV is 4% to 4.5% and I am confident the beer will be great tasting beer!

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Home Brewing Club: Canadian – Ale April 6 @ Noon

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Small All-Grain Brewing:

Hello All,

Some of you mentioned that you would like to try brewing your own all-grain home brew.  While I highly recommend starting with kits first to get the feeling of the “labour” and “waiting”, this blog has a post on a method to brew small all-grain beer.


Just a summary of upcoming home brew I plan to brew in April and May (confirmed dates and times will be announced later):

April 6 or 7 (am), Canadian Ale (Grain-Extract)
May 5 or 6 (pm), Festa Brew Wheat Ale (Kit) – http://www.magnotta.com/festabrew/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=214


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Canadian Ale – Brew Date: April 7 @ 0900

Unfortunately, the Lobster Ale I was asked to brew in April is not something I was looking forward to for several reasons.  First, I am still rusty with all-grain recipes, for a 10 gallon batch,  secondly, I would have to buy 12 lobsters, and at 12.99/lb (at the time I checked), it would not make it economically reasonable to brew this recipe, and lastly, I am looking for refreshing beer that I know I will enjoy during the hot summer days.  Thus the candidate is the Canadian Ale recipe, from page 254 of “The Complete Homebrew Beer Book” by Geroge Hummel.  I am going to try for the Dry Cream Ale, substituting the rice syrup for dextrose and using lager yeast (if I think the temperature in the basement is cool enough).

I will post the recipe soon…


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My previous blog was messed up with hack files and I felt my blog did not have a specific-based theme.  Now that I have pretty much all the brewing equipment I always wanted, I hope to brew at least once each month.

Visit this blog for scheduled brewing and current brewing updates, hopefully some day I will learn how to post vlogs so I can visually teach you how to relax and homebrew.



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