Brewing Project: Video Tutorial

Since I bought a new brewery, it has been kind of awkward to host
another public brewing session so I decided this is the opportunity to
create my first video tutorial during the process of making beer.
Perfect timing since I do not have a “formal” place to use my brew
kettle yet (hopefully the garage when it is cleared up) so I am doing
beer kits right now.

Wheat Beer and Dry Ale kits are currently fermenting. The video
tutorial is being made during all the steps I am taking while doing
the wheat beer, but with this kit, the steps are the same for every
kit style that is available. The kit I am using is brewer’s wort or
pasteurized wort type of kit, which requires no boiling so for the
ultimate beginner, you do not need any pot or brew kettle, stove, etc.


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