Double Red Ale (experimental)

Last week I bought two Red Ale kit, made by Festa Brew – not my favourite choice, but that is what the store had in stock and I was not in the mood to ask them to order Pale Ale and wait for it to arrive.

My previous Red Ale from Festa Brew did not impress me (and one customer).  Either the wort was not aerated correctly (there was a long lag in yeast activity and fermentation stopped prematurely leaving a lot of residual sugar).

For my Double Red Ale, I added 454g of dextrose boiled in 1 litre of water and two crushed beano tablets.  The purpose of adding beano to the wort is to convert the unfermentable sugars into fermentable sugars so the beer is less sweet and dry (just what I like my beer to be).

Original Gravity reading: 1.052 @ 65ºF; Target Terminal Gravity: >1.010.

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